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2 Common Natural Grass Problems and How to Fix Them

Insufficient sunlight and too much heat are two of the most common natural grass problems. This is to say that grass needs to have adequate sunlight to achieve its full luster. Natural grass needs a fertile soil, water and sunlight to grow.

A dry lawn can easily be remedied by watering it. Fertilizer can fix the problem of unfertile soil. Having problems with the sun, either too little or too much of it is something you will really have to strongly deal with.

2 Common Natural Grass Problems and How to Fix Them

Let us take a close look at these two natural grass problems and how you can effectively deal with them. Being able to resolve these grass problems will give you a beautiful and full garden.

Insufficient Sunlight

Grass needs sufficient sunlight to grow at its best. The distant it is from full sun exposure, the least it is likely to grow well. Most varieties of grass need to be exposed to direct sunlight for at least 8 hours a day. Some varieties though have greater tolerance to shade.

There are grass varieties that can tolerate less exposure to direct sunlight but all grass need at least 2 hours of direct exposure to the sun to grow well. Tress or the house itself can give grass shady areas causing it to be lacking in the required sunlight.

Sunlight is transformed into nutrients through photosynthesis. Insufficient sunlight means insufficient nutrients for the grass. Insufficient sunlight is one of the natural grass problems that will require grass to be given special care and attention.

To compensate for insufficient sunlight, grass will need regular application of fertilizer, and sufficient water. It will also need to be mowed regularly. Shady areas also get their share of sunlight but it will always be a struggle to have it grow green and well.

Too Much Sunlight

Too much sunlight will cause turf burn. Burnt grass is often caused by the glass reflection off windows that directly hit the grass. This condition may stress the grass causing it to die.

Solar energy and reflective or heat effective windows cause heat to bounce back and directly target grass.

Grass needs only the right amount of sunlight to grow into a beautiful lawn. There a few ways on how to fix burnt grass. Deep water the grass early morning every day and sprinkle for a few minutes at mid-day. This will keep the grass cool amidst the heat of too much sun.

Solar heat reduction should also be done to lessen intense hit from targeting the grass. Window glare should also be reduced so lesser heat will bounce off the window and directly hit the grass.

Installing a window film to arrest heat from bouncing off windows and affecting grass is the best solution to this most important natural grass problems.

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