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2 Harsh Realities of Some Vinyl Siding Melting Solutions

The purpose of vinyl siding melting solutions is to stop thermal distortion. They may solve these issues, but they could also bring potential risks. In this post, we will give you the disadvantages of some solutions for vinyl siding melting. We will also give you a product that doesn’t possess the setbacks and adverse effects of other tactics. However, you need to know the leading cause of this problem first.

Why Is Your Vinyl Siding Melting?

There are a couple of reasons why the  PVC cladding is distorting. It could be your grill, gutter, or even your glass door. Nonetheless, the leading cause is your neighbor’s energy-efficient windows. When the sun is at the right angle, and the coating of the house next door windows becomes concave, it creates a magnifying glass effect. Meaning, it intensifies the light and burns everything that blocks its path.

For this reason, the number of homeowners who are filing a vinyl siding melting lawsuit is increasing. However, manufacturers say that it is not their fault. They blame the creators of glass windows as it is their products that cause this damage.

The Harsh Realities of Melting Vinyl Siding Solutions

If you do not have the budget to file a class action against companies, you have no choice but to repair the damage yourself. Fortunately, there are plenty of vinyl siding melting solutions out there. These tactics can reduce the effect of window reflections but may cause a problem in other aspects.

  1. Changing Your Walls With a Vinyl Siding That Doesn’t Melt.

This type of cladding has a higher vinyl siding distortion point than the standard model. Its melting temperature can reach up to 220oF, making it resistant to solar reflection. However, this method is quite expensive. Aside from buying the material, you also need to hire a professional installer to ensure that the siding is in place.

  1. Strategically Plant Trees in Your Garden.

It is one of the cheapest vinyl siding melting solutions. Moreover, you can do it on your own. You just need to know where the heat strikes the most and plant the seeds there. However, trees grow slowly. You need to wait for at least 10 years to reach the desired height.

These are just some of the solutions that have setbacks. However, if you do not want to deal with their adverse effects, then you should choose Turf Guard Window Film. Go to our website and find out why our products are the best vinyl siding melting solutions.

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