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3 Advanced Ways to Stop Reflection Damage Grass at Home

Grass can make or break your home’s lawn. Without proper maintenance and heat prevention, it can lead to a turf burn. Window reflection damage grass can usually happen if your home and your neighbor’s windows are not protected with glass tints or films.

Such reflection damage grass can be prevented especially when your home has a low-e glazing that makes heat and window reflection more rampant. Grass, especially artificial one could not carry higher temperature beyond 200 degrees. More than that, it can lead to damage, melting, or burning.

In order to stop reflection damage grass from happening, here are three advanced ways to consider:

1. Use a thermal film

A thermal film for grass is advantageous because it filters direct heat and sun reflection during daytime especially at peak hours. Such film can protect lawn from further reflection damage grass.

This type of film is also responsible for solar heat reduction, so it will diminish direct heat absorbed by the window’s glass that can lead to its breakage.

2. Installs window tints

Window Tints are not new in the market. In fact, it has been around for a long time but often used in vehicles or office windows or glass. Knowing how to fix burnt grass can sometimes exert so much effort from the homeowner’s part and can also be costly.

Different types of window tints are available in the market that can match your preference. You can opt to choose a darker one so it is sure to stop the reflection damage grass from occurring.

Moreover, darker tints can totally wash out sunlight’s reflection unlike other clear films available for purchase. Window tints cannot only act as a protection against the sun but it can also prolong your window’s lifespan.

Windows that are experiencing various change in the weather are more prone to breakage, glass cracks, and scratches. With tints, it can protect your windows from absorbing heat and limiting emissions from the environment.

3. Use screen film

If you are not fond of using window tints because you feel that it might obstruct your view to the outside, you can opt to use screen film.

Screen film is another advanced tool that can be easily installed and does not cost a lot of money. It can protect your window from having reflections even with direct sunlight trying to peak in.

To discover more about these advanced solutions, visit the Turf Guard Window Film website and find out the best ways you can consider to stop reflection damage grass.

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