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3 Cost-Savvy and Effective Turf Damage Solutions

The grass is not always greener on the other side, but there are some cheap but effective turf damage solutions one can use to save the whole lawn before it becomes beyond repair. Determining the root causes of turf problems will give you exact ideas on how to beat those lawn troubles permanently.

Whether yours is artificial or natural, turf maintenance should be treated seriously, as it can be expensive and impractical to have it removed from your lawn and have all of it replaced. The list below reveals reliable turf damage solutions concerning their diagnosis.

1. Going Bermuda

This solution is probably best applied when dealing with turf problems that are caused by your canine friend. Your dogs may not be doing so much good to your grass as its manure is not a suitable fertilizer for grasses. Excessive urine spotting can also increase the concentration of nitrogen in the soil, thus resulting in an unhealthy, sparse, and slow growth of grass in the area.

The most effective solution to this problem, of course, is to teach your pet where to defecate. However, when this incident becomes unavoidable, it is best to overseed your natural lawn with Bermuda grass. The seeds can be bought at a lower price compared to hybrid species. It is also easily grown and is most suitable for wide lawn spaces. During prolonged rainy seasons, Bermuda can withstand flooding for a longer period of time. Because of these properties, it is advisable to introduce some Bermuda to your whole lawn.

2. Treat the Chlorosis

One of the problems homeowners have is on how to fix lawn with chlorosis-infected grass. The absence of chlorophyll in the veins of a leaf results to its yellowish color. In more advanced cases of chlorosis, the grass exhibits withering characteristics and dies. This occurrence is usually caused by nutrient deficiencies in the grass itself. It can also be caused due to factors like soil compaction and excessive concentration of copper and manganese that affects the soil’s pH level.

If soil compaction causes chlorosis, one of the most effective turf damage solutions is soil tiling. This can do the job because it aerates the interior of the ground and restores its pH balance, therefore preventing chlorosis to progress.

3. Install a Trustworthy Window Film

If you have a synthetic grass lawn instead of its natural counterpart, your turf may not suffer from the aforementioned damages, but it can deteriorate because of extreme heat. Aside from the direct exposure to sunlight, the glares your windows at home emit to your lawn do more harm than good.

Among the most notably reliable turf damage solutions in America is the Turf Guard Window Film. It has UV blockers which inhibit the harmful effects of the sun to your artificial turf. Installing a window film with anti-UV coating ensures low to no incidence of turf melting and color fading.

If you are looking for high-quality window films for your home which can provide real solutions to both your natural and synthetic turf problems, give our website a visit now.

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