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3 Creative Ways to Execute Melted Vinyl Siding Repair

Several online articles are talking about melted vinyl siding repair. Most of them recommend you to replace your wall with heat resistant vinyl siding. However, not everyone has the budget to do that project. You need to have at least $5,000, which is quite expensive.

Fortunately, there are three vinyl siding melting solutions that do not break the bank. However, you need to know the leading cause of this damage first.

What Causes Your Siding to Distort?

There are two reasons why your vinyl siding is melting. One reason could be your grill. If your cooking equipment is placed adjacent to your exterior wall, chances are, it will deform the cladding. Kitchen utensils like grill emit a hot temperature. If you exposed your PVC siding to this equipment, it could cause thermal distortion.

Lastly, your neighbor’s Low-E windows can also cause your wall to deform. It happens when the sun is in the right direction, and the Low-E glass window becomes slightly concave. The coating magnifies the sunlight and directs it to your siding. As a result, it melts your outer wall.

How to Stop This Damage

There are three melted vinyl siding repair solutions that you can try. These tactics do not cost much as opposed to replacing the cladding with a new wall. Furthermore, they can help save energy and change the look of your property.

Repaint the Siding With a Light Color

One of the melted vinyl siding repair solutions that you can try is changing the color of your exterior cladding.  Use white paint or any shade that is on the lighter spectrum. Not only will this give an illusion of bigger space, but it will also absorb less heat compared to the darker ones.

Although it is still quite hefty, it is less expensive than getting a vinyl siding that doesn’t melt.

Strategically Plant Trees in Your Yard

You can also grow trees in your garden to stop vinyl siding from melting. These plants block the sun and reflected heat from hitting your wall. Moreover, they reduce the temperature, as they make the atmosphere cooler. However, you need to wait for a decade or when they reach the right height before they can protect your wall.

Apply Perforated Window Screen

This tactic is the cheapest and quickest solution. The film deflects off the light and diffuses heat evenly. That way, all areas will get the same amount of temperature.

However, you will only enjoy these benefits if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and find out why it is the best melted vinyl siding repair solution.

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