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3 Doubts about Turf Guard Window Film That You Should Clarify

Is the window reflection melting your artificial grass? This is a common issue nowadays, especially during summer. Your artificial grass has melted because it cannot take the reflected heat any longer.

When the sun rises and shines on an energy-efficient window, the glass panel magnifies and focuses the reflective heat on your lawn. As a result, it reaches the melting point of artificial grass, which causes it to disintegrate or burn.

Fortunately, there are several ways to stop this damage. You can keep the lawn hydrated, replace the infills or use perforated window films. From all these solutions, the best way to stop the window reflection from damaging artificial turf is by applying the Turf Guard Window Film on your window.

It is one of the most trusted products when it comes to turf protection. However, some have doubts about the efficiency of this window film. To clarify these things, here are three misconceptions about Turf Guard Window Film.

  1. It can interfere with the efficiency of Low-E windows.

This is one of the main reasons why some people don’t like to put a window screen on top of their glass windows. While it reduces glare, it helps homeowners save electricity. Once the sun hits the window film for turf, it deflects the light off and diffuses heat. However, it keeps the room cool during the summer and warm in winter, even if it reduces window reflection.

  1. It dims the house.

Because it’s a window film, many people assume that it will darken the room. However, this is just another uncertainty that we should clarify. While the Turf Guard Window Film is indeed a window film, it doesn’t obstruct the light from entering the house. These window screens have holes, allowing natural light to pass through the window. Thus, it will keep the room bright throughout the day.

  1. It doesn’t provide privacy.

You may ask – “If it has holes, will this window film provide privacy?” Believe it or not, it can still give you security, despite its screen-like feature. Turf Guard offers four window film colors to choose from, and these are clear, white, grey, and black.

For added privacy, you may choose the black and grey window films. These colors will not dim your room, but they will give you the security that you need.

When getting the right window film, you need to consider the size of your window pane. Visit our Turf Guard Window Film website and get a screen that fits your window pane.

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