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3 Easy Steps to Fix Grill Melted Vinyl Siding

Vinyl sidings are one of the most sensitive home siding materials. When exposed to too much heat, it can cause materials to melt. Homeowners who like grilling are often curious about ways on how to fix grill melted vinyl siding.

Extensive heat can result to a warped vinyl. A cold temperature can also cause vinyl siding damages such as cracks or breakage. While too much heat can cause vinyl sidings to melt. Often, homeowners complain their melted siding from the grill.

Vinyl melting point is approximately 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Beyond this, vinyl is already prone to melting. This is one of the reasons why grilling can melt your home’s vinyl sidings.

Heat exposure is inevitable. There are still effective ways on how to fix grill melted vinyl siding. Here, we explain three easy steps:

1. Cut out the damaged part of the vinyl siding

The low melting point of vinyl is the culprit as to why vinyl sidings melt when your griller is on. The heat coming from the grill fire can cause such melting. Other damages include cracking, discoloration, and breakage.

Homeowners often struggle in how to fix grill melted vinyl siding. Some leave it as is while others overhaul their home’s vinyl sidings. The said overhaul can cost more money and time installing.

The first step on how to replace vinyl siding is to cut its damaged or melted part caused by the heat. To cut the damaged part, a tin snip is the best tool. To remove the impaired area, make sure not to chip the top and bottom part of the panels.

2. Measure the part for the vinyl siding replacement

Get the measurement of the area to make sure that the vinyl siding replacement is compatible. The effort you exert fixing grill melted vinyl siding can be demanding. Yet, knowing the part to replace with correct measurement can make the work easier.

Once measurements are available, cut the vinyl siding replacement as sized.

3. Install the vinyl siding replacement

To be able to fix grill melted vinyl siding, proper installation is a must. It is best to follow the measurements and cut out for the replacement. You can opt to use nails or adhesive for the installation depending on your preference.

When using a strong adhesive, make sure that the vinyl siding would not get wet. This is so the sidings can stick on the area.

These are some of the practical ways on how to fix grill melted vinyl siding. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. To prevent such cases, do not grill near your home’s vinyl sidings. Extreme heat can cause melting. In fixing melted siding, one of the less expensive but definitely effective options you can also consider is to use perforated window films.

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