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3 Problems With the Window Reflection Burning the Grass

Is the window reflection burning the grass in your garden? It is a widespread problem nowadays since more and more people are installing Low-E windows in their homes. Burnt turf will appear once the sun hits the coating of your energy-efficient windows. The glazing intensifies the light and transmits it on your turf; thus, creating a magnifying glass effect.

If burnt grass occurs, it could lead to a more severe problem. Here are three dilemmas associated with the window reflection burning the grass.

  1. It Makes Your Property Ugly.

The reason you want to have grass in your yard is to improve the aesthetic design of your property. Having a lush green field makes your house appealing and inviting. Moreover, it affects the appearance of your neighborhood.

However, when the glare on windows burns the grass, it changes the look of your property. From having a beautiful garden, you now have an ugly orchard. It is because of the brown patches, which are indications that the reflection from a window is burning the grass. They make the lawn unappealing. If that happens, surely, you would not want to invite your friends to hangout in your garden.

  1. It Costs Too Much Money.

Because you already have a burnt lawn, you have no choice but to fix the damage. You have to install a sprinkler system to ensure that you keep your field alive, even on summer days. However, installing a sprinkler system means spending too much money on water bills. You cannot control how much water it releases once you turn it on. You may be surprised once you see your water bill.

  1. It Could Lead to Turf Diseases.

Another effect of the window glare burning the grass is the illnesses brought by this problem. Because the field is hotter than its normal temperature, it can burn the soles of your feet. It can even cause abrasions if you rub your arms onto the lawn’s surface. For this reason, many people do not recommend having a grass field in their gardens.

How to Stop the Glass Reflection From Burning the Grass

There are several ways to avoid the window reflection from burning the grass. One way to end this damage is by installing awnings. They block the sunlight from hitting the Low-E glazing, therefore, preventing the effects of window reflection.

Nonetheless, the best way to stop the window glare from killing the grass is by applying Turf Guard Window Film. Go to our website and learn how it prevents the window reflection from burning the grass.

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