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3 Quick Solutions to Stop Thermal Distortion on Vinyl Siding

Thermal distortion on vinyl siding is one of the widespread problems in the country. This dilemma occurs when the sun and the glazing of Low-E windows are in perfect conditions. When the solar energy hits the curved glass window, it intensifies the light, and it shoots to the siding next door. As a result, it melts the PVC wall.

Fortunately, there are several melting vinyl siding solutions that you may try. They may not eradicate the cause, but they can reduce the effects of thermal distortion on vinyl siding.

Change the Color of Your Walls.

One of the melted vinyl siding repair solutions is to alter the color of your exterior cladding. Darker tones do not only make the surroundings dark,but they also absorb more heat compared to the lighter ones. Moreover, repainting your outer wall is much cheaper than replacing it with a heat resistant vinyl siding.

However, it could cause harm to your loved oneโ€™s health, especially if he has respiratory problems and allergies. Therefore, if you are opting for this solution, then you must consider the well-being of your family members first.

Install Window Awnings or Canopies in Your Yard.

A window awning is a type of replacement window that you put on top of your existing window. Like the energy-efficient window, it improves the energy efficiency of the house. The only difference is that it does not damage the vinyl siding.

Meanwhile, canopies are supplementary roofs. Homeowners set them up in the yard to block the sunlight and to keep the atmosphere fresh. Although solutions may prevent thermal distortion on vinyl siding, they may dim the house. Thus, if you do not want to compromise the brightness of your home, then this may not be the best option.

Apply Perforated Window Screens.

It is one of the best ways to stop vinyl siding melting due to window reflection. Aside from being affordable, it takes years before you need to replace the film. The screen reduces glare by refracting the light off. Moreover, it diffuses the heat so that all sides of the wall will get the same amount of temperature. In other words, it prevents the sunlight from reaching the vinyl siding melting point.

You can enjoy these perks and more if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. Buy our products and experience how they can stop the effects of thermal distortion on vinyl siding.

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