3 Simple Ways to Avoid Vinyl Siding Melting Effectively

Vinyl siding melting is one of the problems that homeowners encounter regardless of the season. Many worry about how to replace vinyl siding, especially during the times when they have to compromise their budget unexpectedly.

Many believe that their issue is due to the melting point of vinyl siding. However, you must remember that vinyl siding melting will not take place unless heat is controlled and prevented from having contact with the material.

You must know that the vinyl melting point is difficult to reach unless there is extreme solar heat reaching the siding. Normally, your issue is not regarding the short vinyl siding lifespan. It is most likely due to window reflections.

To prevent this problem, given below are the three simple steps you may consider carrying out:

Guarding Your Window With Screen. This is considered the top solution that you can do in order to avoid vinyl siding melting. Putting a window screen or guard will avoid the sunlight from bouncing off and touching your siding.

With screen, diffraction of solar heat will take place. To make it simple, the window guard or film will break the solar energy apart. Many prefer screen over film since it has the threads that can help reduce the heat received by your interior.

Replace Your Window Glass. There are various low-E glass options on the market, but not all have the capability to control the sunlight from entering your home or reflecting on your turf. If you have concerns about your melting vinyl siding,you may direct it to your glass retailer.

Change Your Vinyl Siding. By standard, vinyl material is meant to resist up to 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately, suppliers of the material also created stronger alternatives, which can withstand up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. If you have the budget, you may consider such option instead of having to replace the material every time it becomes distorted.

From the given solutions, the best solution that you should consider is to guard your window with screen. If you do not have the budget or even time to replace your siding, this will definitely help you. As long as you select a top-notch window guard, you will not be worrying about your siding distortion for a long time.

You simply have to install the solution to the critical areas. If your neighbor’s windows are also causing your problem, you may discuss the window guard solution with your fellow resident. The facts mentioned above also proved that vinyl siding melting could be prevented instead of being solved.

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