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3 Techniques to Reduce Glare Grass in Your Home

The scorching sun is often too much for grass to handle thus there is a need to reduce glare grass to keep them from dying. Grass often recover when they get burn but when they are badly burnt by the heat, they may die and leave bare spots in your lawn.

Drought, dog urine, too much fertilizer and weed killers are some reasons that may cause grass to die. Once you are able to pinpoint the cause of burnt grass, you may address it to prevent grass from getting burned again. These are temporary issues grass issues that have easy remedies.

The heat from the sun and reflection off windows are the main culprits.Too much sun, more than what the grass needs, will cause it to burn and die. Window reflection burning grass, other than direct sunlight is also one of the main reasons grass die and leave brown patches on your lawn.

Reflection from even a small window directly hitting the grass can cause intense damage more than direct sunlight.

1. Water the grass

Watering grass consistently is the best way on how to fix burnt grass. It is also the best way to prevent grass from getting burned. Watering grass will prevent it from being scorched by reflection coming off windows.

Make sure to water grass deeply to reduce glare grass and damage the extreme heat it may cause. It is also best to water early in the morning when the sun is not too hot so water can evaporate deep down into the grass.

On extremely hot days, reflection from windows can also be too intense. Do a few minutes of water sprinkling on the grass so it is kept cool especially when the windows that are reflecting heat are on the south side. Turf maintenance is always a lot easier than treating burned grass.

2. Plant Bushes or Trees

Bushes can prevent sun reflection from windows to burn grass. You need to be careful though because when reflection from windows are too intense, it can also cause a grass fire. The best thing to do is to keep them short so they can reduce glare grass.

If you have enough space in your lawn for trees, plant them in an area where the angle of the reflection off windows hits the grass. The tree will absorb the heat and prevent grass burnt from sun.

3. Install a Window Film

Installing a window film is a subtle way to control heat reflection off windows. It absorbs the heat from the windows which would otherwise hit the grass and burn them.

When the sun reflects off a window, the heat it creates can easily burn anything it hits and grass is most often the easiest target. The easiest technique to reduce glare grass is to install a film on your windows.

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