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3 Things That Damage Turf That You Just Don't Realize

If you are using artificial turf in your home, then you have to be extra careful with it. Certain things can damage turf easily. Turf maintenance may be difficult but repairing artificial turf is more tedious. Most people do not know how to fix burnt grass, thus the best way to avoid this is to get familiar with what can potentially destroy it. Here are three things that can easily destroy your artificial turf.

Chemicals and Substances

3 Things That Damage Turf That You Just Don't Realize

Chemicals and substances can do considerable lawn damage if they spill on your turf. Some chemicals that can seriously damage your artificial turf include cigarettes and caustic chemicals such as oil-based paint. While water-based and latex paints can easily wash off, oil-based paints tend to get absorbed by your turf. This discolors the leaves as a result.

Moreover, take care not to spill cement or glue and other types of adhesives on your turf. Adhesives can actually damage the turf dramatically. Especially if you are putting a fence beside the turf, take care not to spill cement, glue, or paint over the grass. The worst scenario is that you will have to replace the whole portion of the artificial turf. Thus, it may look uneven.

Sharp, Heavy or Hot Objects

Sharp objects like sharp blades and other sharp garden tools are basically used to cut the turf to your desired dimensions. However, one careless fall can damage turf easily. If your shears or sharp blades fall onto the grass, it can permanently damage it. You might then have to bear the costs of an expensive repair. 

In fact, even ordinary products like heavy loads can destroy the consistency of the turf. Take care not to slam down heavy equipment on your grass or you will see it flatten and it will not return to its original evenness. Moreover, if you put hot objects on it, they will make the grass curl and even cause it to change color.

Extreme Heat

Grass burnt from sun is what results if you place your turf right beside an energy-efficient window. Energy-efficient windows multiply the heat of the sun as it enters your home and burns your turf. If you want to know how to prevent turf burn then, all you have to do is use a high-quality window film on your window in order to break the pathway of sunlight.

In order to prevent grass burnt from sun, you need to use Turf Guard Window Film. Go visit our website today and you will learn more about how to protect your turf and enjoy the pleasure it brings to you and your family.

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