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3 Things to Do if Your Vinyl Siding Is Melting

Many people are noticing that their vinyl siding is melting. It could lead to a bigger problem. Aside from making the overall look of your house unappealing, it also lets the moisture enter and fill your home.

For this reason, many people are asking about melting vinyl siding solutions. There are three ways to prevent this problem. You can replace your outer wall with a heat-resistant vinyl siding, install some awnings, or use window films.

Replace Your Exterior Cladding With a Heat-Resistant Material

If your vinyl siding is melting, one of the things that can be an efficient solution is by replacing your vinyl siding with a more durable material. You can use cement as it is resistant to heat, no matter how hot it is.

Nevertheless, if you like the appearance of PVC cladding, then you should choose a vinyl siding that doesn’t melt. It has a higher vinyl siding melting point as opposed to the standard PVC wall. However, you need to have a budget if you opt for this solution. You need to buy the materials or hire a professional installer to ensure that the siding is intact and installed correctly.

Use Awnings

Another thing to do when your vinyl siding is melting is to install awnings. This cover blocks the natural light and the reflected heat from hitting the siding and the windows. However, it makes the room dark. Hence, you might end up spending more money on electricity bills.

Apply Window Films for Your Windows

When we think of window films, the first thing that comes to our mind is privacy. However, there are more things that you can get from this product. For one, it has anti-reflective properties, which is ideal in solving melting vinyl siding. It refracts the light off and breaks the path of the sunbeam.

Moreover, it distributes heat throughout your wall. That way, all parts will get equal amounts of temperature. Hence, you will no longer see any unevenness on the sides of your home.

While the Vinyl Siding Institute recommends this solution for this damage, it does not mean you can only use it for this particular problem. In fact, you can also apply window films to your windows to protect your turf from melting or dying.

For this reason, many people claim that this is the best solution for vinyl siding and lawn problems.

However, you could only get these benefits if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. To learn more how it protects your house when your vinyl siding is melting, then you should visit our website and check out our window films.

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