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3 Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Synthetic Lawn

Discoloration, patchiness, and synthetic turf melting are the common problems of artificial grass. This happens when chemical substances spill on the lawn, sharp objects fall over it, and excessive heat exposure.

Fortunately, you can prevent these things to happen. In this turf guide, you will learn some real turf solutions that will keep your lawn in good condition.

1. Remove all chemicals near the turf.

Chemicals like pesticides are necessary for killing the unwanted pests in your plants. However, if you put it near your fake grass, it can cause damage to it.

The same thing goes for paints. Paints should be applied on cement, not on your synthetic lawn. If these substances are spilled on your faux grass, it will absorb the paint, which is impossible to fix. Therefore, you must cover the synthetic turf with a towel if you want to paint your fence. This will prevent the paint from dripping on your grass.

2. Store all the sharp objects and gardening tools when not in use.

When installing artificial grass, we use sharp objects, such as knives and blades to replace the damaged turf. However, they can destroy your beautiful lawn if you don’t store them properly. Therefore, if you don’t use these tools, keep them in the storage area. In that way, you can avoid these tools from falling to the ground in case you accidentally drop them.

3. Prevent the radiating heat from damaging your lawn.

We believe that exposure to the sun can melt your fake grass. However, it is not enough to destroy your lawn. This only occurs when the sun hits the window pane, therefore, creating a window glare.

Fortunately, you can stop the window reflection from burning your grass. You just need to know how to prevent turf burn.

There are several ways to stop the synthetic turf melting or burning. You can install awnings or plant shady trees near your windows. Nonetheless, the best solution is the turf film. This type of window film has holes that look like a bug screen. Its purpose is to reduce window glare and heat.

The window film has anti-glare properties that break the path of the reflected sunlight. Meanwhile, the holes are spreading the heat throughout the grass surface. Hence, patchiness and synthetic turf melting are less likely to occur.

These are the tips to prevent damaging your lawn. If you follow these pieces of advice and apply the Turf Guard Window Film to your glass window, you can avoid grass damage like synthetic turf melting.

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