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3 Tools You Need in Installing and Maintaining Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawn accessories are often ignored when in fact, some of them are useful for installing and maintaining the turf. We often thought that a rake, a cutter, and a broom are enough. Though they could preserve the grass field, they can’t be used for installing them. Below are three essential things that you need in installing and maintaining your synthetic turf.

EasySeam Machine

This is a handheld electric device that dissolves adhesive with the use of an automated heating cycle. Though it has this feature, it doesn’t get heat up too much; thus, ensuring that your artificial lawn is in good shape. It never touches the bonding agent. Therefore, you are guaranteed that it won’t make a mess. Lastly, it offers a reliable low-key seam.

Overall, this tool is convenient and easy to use.

Zeo-Organic Fill

This material is a safer and better alternative to silica sand. It absorbs moisture and controls odor quickly. This is ideal if you have pets at home. It eliminates the bad smell coming from your dog’s or cat’s urine and feces. Once your pet pees on the artificial turf, ZeoFill immediately stops the ammonium from converting into gas, which causes the foul odor.

Turf Groom

The Turf Groom is a tool that is used for preserving the beauty of the artificial lawn. It features a flat head and a sophisticated pine handle. It doesn’t produce frills, making it easier to brush the blades of the artificial grass. Furthermore, you can use it on nylon grass blades, which are tricky to maintain.

However, the Turf Groom is not only used for fluffing up the fake grass. You can also use it to spread the infill and clean the lawn. Indeed, this is a must have tool for all faux grass owners.

How to Maintain Synthetic Weed

Of course, buying those tools is not enough. There are a few things you need to do if you want to have a healthy-looking lawn. First, you need to remove all harmful chemicals and organic materials that produce corrosive substances.

Next, you need to wash away dirt and remove stains. Rinse the surface with clean water and soap to get rid of stubborn blemishes and debris. Lastly, you need to kill bacteria and molds to avoid getting sick. Use hydrogen peroxide on the affected surface and rinse it with clean water.

Having a healthy-looking artificial lawn will add beauty to your home. However, you need to use the right equipment and do some maintenance tasks to keep its beauty.

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