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3 Useful Tips From Experienced Melted Vinyl Siding Repair Veteran

Many homeowners hire melted vinyl siding repair services or call the manufacturers once their PVC walls start deforming. However, hiring companies can be expensive. On top of that, most vinyl siding creators do not cover siding melting due to window reflection.

Even if your vinyl siding is melting, you shouldn’t lose hope. In this post, we will give you three useful tips from experts in melted vinyl siding repair. However, you need to know first why your exterior wall is deforming.

Window Reflection – The Leading Cause of Thermal Distortion

Reflection refers to the bouncing back of the light or heat without absorbing it. Thus, when you look straight into a glass, it creates a sparkling light that is an eyesore. It also happens on the Low-E window. When you are using an energy-efficient window, and the sun is in the right direction, it intensifies the light and directs it to the house next door. As a result, it reaches the vinyl siding melting point and melts your neighbor’s siding.

However, according to experts, thermal distortion only happens when the coating becomes concave. The concavity of the glass window occurs when there are changes in the barometric pressure, says the National Association of House Builders.

However, Low-E windows are not the only ones responsible for this damage. Your gutter can also distort the cladding next door. Even the mirror. In other words, all objects that have reflective properties can cause the exterior wall to melt.

How to Stop Window Reflection

There are several solutions for vinyl siding melting. However, the top three recommended tools by veterans are trees, awnings, and perforated window screens. Let’s find out how these melted vinyl siding repair solutions can end this problem.


Planting trees in your yard is one of the efficient ways to reduce window glare and its effects. The leaves protect the window from the sun by blocking its rays. Meanwhile, the branch serves as a cover to the wall.


Awnings can be a roof or a replacement window. Like trees, they also block the sunlight from reaching the Low-E coating.

Perforated Window Screen

Out of all these solutions, this is the most recommended tool. The film breaks the path of sunlight once it reaches the film. Moreover, it distributes the heat all over the siding’s surface to control the temperature. You just need to stick it to the window and let it do its work.

To ensure you get the right window screen, make sure you choose Turf Guard Window Film. With this solution, you can save money on melted vinyl siding repair.

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