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3 Useful Tips From Experts in Window Reflection Burning Grass

Many people are dealing with the window reflection burning the grass. They noticed a change in the color of the fake turf, which is quite surprising for them. However, even if you have installed a plastic lawn, it is still prone to burning.

There are two reasons why your artificial turf is melting or burning. One reason could be chemicals like oil and grease. These liquids have harmful substances that can affect the color of your plastic grass.

However, the leading cause of this damage is your Low-E windows. Energy-efficient windows help homeowners reduce their electricity consumption by reflecting the heat away from your home. Since it prevents the hot temperature from entering your room, the glass window magnifies and diffuses it. As a result, the glare from a window burns the grass.

How to Stop Sunburned Damage on Your Artificial Grass

There are three ways to prevent the window reflection from burning the grass. Experts recommend these tips for this kind of problem. However, you need to keep in mind that these tools will not eradicate the cause. They will only reduce its effects.

  1. Go for Light-Colored Grass.

One way to stop the window glare from burning the grass is by switching to a light-colored lawn. Studies reveal that darker hues absorb more heat than the lighter ones. Therefore, if you are dealing with the window reflection burning the grass, then it is time to replace your old turf.

However, you need to have money, as getting a new carpet of faux grass is expensive. Moreover, you need to hire a professional installer to ensure that every piece is in the right place.

  1. Water the Area Every Half an Hour.

Every summer, the amount of rainfall is scarce. It is also the season wherein the temperature reaches its peak. To ensure that the glare from a window is not burning the grass, you need to water the entire field every 30 minutes. Not only will it keep its surface hydrated, but it will also control the temperature of the lawn.

  1. Apply Perforated Window Screen.

It is the best way to stop the sun reflection from burning the grass. The film deflects off the light; thus, reducing glare. Furthermore, it distributes the heat equally so that no brown patches will occur.

All these benefits and features of window screens are available at Turf Guard Window Film. With our products, you will no longer have to deal with the window reflection burning the grass.

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