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3 Ways to Avoid Backyard Furniture Issues With Reflection Windows

Fading and discoloration are always the problems with furniture. This is especially true when they are exposed to direct sunlight as well as sunlight passing through windows. The best solution to all your backyard furniture problems is either a sealant, an obstacle to sunlight, or a window film.

1. Choose the best wood furniture sealant.

Backyard furniture issues can be avoided if you can choose the best sealant for that furniture. Sun exposure can damage wood easily, leaving on it a permanently discolored area. What your furniture requires is a sealant that is resistant against the damaging effects of UV rays.

One of these sealants is varnish. Varnish is easy to apply and has low toxicity level. As a leader in furniture care, varnish can give a finish to your furniture that will keep it durable.

A second choice is to use lacquer. With nitrocellulose resin, the lacquer coat can dissolve into its previous one. This explains the ease in which lacquer can be applied to polish and protect the entire furniture.

If you want to know how to fix heat damaged scuff marks and scratches, then use lacquer. One problem though is that it cannot be used on coarse grain wood or very soft wood. Oak is a coarse grain wood, while cedar is very soft wood.

A third choice could either be polyurethane or shellac. Oil-based polyurethane is fairly toxic so it is better to use a water-based version although it is more expensive. Whether oil-based or water-based, polyurethane is useful when it comes to protecting the furniture and for damage repair by covering abrasions and scratches.

2. Block the sunlight on purpose.

Sun reflection can cause a lot of backyard furniture issues that you have to contend. There are also times that the sealants that you use will have an undesirable smell. This is the time that you have to find a way to just block sunlight completely or at least reduce the amount that enters your house.

One of the best ways to do this is to use curtains or blinds. Curtains will not only keep sunlight from entering, but it will also keep the room cool and keep the furniture from getting damaged.

Another way to block sunlight on the furniture is to plant a tree or a tall plant near the window, whether inside or outside. The leaves of the plants will not totally remove sunlight but will definitely reduce the amount of sunlight that will reflect on the furniture. Thus, it will reduce its damage. This way, backyard furniture issues can be avoided.

3. Change the window film.

Perhaps the best solution to avoid issues with your backyard furniture is to know how to prevent reflection windows from destroying your furniture. You should cover these reflection windows with a window film that reduces the efficiency of these windows to a bare minimum. Thus, you can rest assured that there is no sun that will damage your furniture.

To prevent all your other furniture issues, the best solution to this is Turf Guard Window Film. Talk to us by visiting our website, and we will give you more information about how this new technology can protect your furniture.

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