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3 Ways to Deal With Reflected Heat Problems in Plants

Imagine yourself reading your daily newspaper beside your window, when all of a sudden, the sunlight hit your eyes. Annoying, isn’t it? Well, apart from being annoying, reflected sunlight can also be dangerous. Well…at least for plants. However, it’s not like you can stop the sun from reflecting its light onto your windows. You might not be able to stop the light but you can learn how to keep your plants from getting hurt. Here are some ways for you to deal with reflected heat problems in plants.

1.Apply Mulch on the Plants

What is mulch anyway? Mulch is anything that is placed in the surface of a soil. It serves to keep the soil moisturized, prevents weeds, as well as make the garden look even more attractive. The best part of all is that it can be plant-saver against direct sunlight, most especially reflected heat problems in plants.

Consider the mulch as the first line of defense against reflected heat problems in plants. Window glare can sometimes cause the plants to be burned or damaged. With that, it needs something like mulch so its soil will be cool and moisturized despite the sunlight reflection.

2. Water The Plants Early in the Morning

You remember your mom and dad’s lecture about drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day due to the fact that it’ll bring you loads of health benefits? Well, apparently, that rule doesn’t only apply to human beings. It applies to other animals too, most especially plants.

Direct sunlight as well the reflected glare from the sun has the ability to pull all the moisture from the plant, which can result to withering. By giving your plants an early morning watering, you ensure them that they’ll be hydrated before the intense heat of the day takes place.

You need to give your plants early morning watering, especially if you have low e-glass windows since it tends to keep more heat outside of the house, which result to radiation heat transfer to whatever is outside the house.

3. Use Turf Guard Screen Film on Your Windows

Turf Guard Screen Film helps to break down the concentrated heat that is supposed to be reflected on the plants, and converts it to natural light. It’s the complete solution to your plant problems. 

Watering your plants and applying mulch are great ways to solve reflected heat problems in plants. However, it won’t hurt to add more protection to your beloved garden. With the turf guard screen film, you can spend the whole day not worrying about what’s happening to your garden back home.

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