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3 Ways to Reduce the Efficiency of Your Heat Reflective Windows

As long as you have glass windows, chances are you have heat reflective windows. With this kind of window, you will actually multiply the heat coming in as well as the damage that this heat brings.

Damaging effects of heat will destroy furniture, clothes, and other things like decorations and even paintings, posters, and fine arts. There are three things you can do to reduce this unwanted and damaging heat that can enter your house through the window.

1. Use shades or blinds.

According to the Department of Energy, shades are actually the simplest and most efficient way of reducing the heat gain and loss of the window through which sunlight passes. If shades are mounted as close to the glass window as possible, it can minimize the heat that is coming into the room. You may even want to reverse the shades; the light color will reflect the heat during the summer and the dark side will absorb the heat in winter.

Blinds are also useful in controlling sunlight that comes in through your heat reflective windows. Blinds are perfect for south- and west-facing windows. While blinds can block heat from windows, blinds do not affect the visibility and brightness factors of sunlight.

2. Use drapes and curtains.

The UV radiation that is coming from our reflective windows can be minimized through the use of drapes. Drapes insulate your home from the heat during the summer. The best choice for drapes would be medium-colored ones with a white plastic backing. This is the most effective against heat as it can reduce up to 33 percent of heat gain during the hotter months.

A good substitute to a heat reducing window film is a curtain. Curtains help reduce the heat of the sun by only a few percent compared to the more efficient drapes. However, curtains on heat reflective windows are perfect for reducing the glare that can destroy furniture.

3. Use good quality window films.

A sun control film for windows is the best thing that can ever protect your home from the heat coming from the window. The best sun control film can reduce the efficiency of the windows by almost half or more than half.

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