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3 Ways You Can Deal With a Melting Artificial Turf

Are you dealing with a melting artificial turf? Fake grass is actually easier to burn than normal grass. However, before you can deal with the damage, you should know first that cooking outside your home, the roof or your energy-efficient window are all trying to burn your lovely turf. Here are a few tips on how to mend that damaged turf of yours.

Know three ways to deal with your melting artificial turf and how to prevent your turf from getting damaged by unwanted heat or reflected sunlight.

Replace Melting Spots

It is not difficult to learn how to fix burnt grass. Whatever damage your artificial grass has, it can be repaired. You need to cut out the damaged part of the melting artificial turf and replace it with a new piece. This is the reason why you have to save the extra parts of the artificial grass that you had to cut during installation. You have to get the extra pieces from these when doing repairs.

The best way to determine if your artificial grass has been fully repaired is to compare it with a normal carpet. The feel must be the same. At first, the repair is visible. However, you should not worry too much about this as the difference will not be obvious anymore after a few days.

Seek Professional Help

Turf maintenance and repair is easy if it is only a synthetic turf infill that has pulled up or away from a seam. In order to repair this, you can just run a small bead of elastic glue adhesive along the damaged part. Afterwards, wait 24 hours before you can walk on the grass again.

However, if a larger area is damaged, then you might need a professional help. They can handle larger tears that are due to the burning of the turf or a large part of the seam pulled away. Burns caused by cigarettes dropped on the grass will need a professional to replace the large areas of the melting artificial turf.

Use High Quality Window Films

Grass burnt from sun needs its parts to be replaced in a normal way or through professional assistance. However, in this case you can prevent any instance of melting artificial turf if you use window films that offer not just privacy but full protection for your grass. If you want to know how long does turf last, then that depends on the type of window film you have.

You have to choose window films with anti-reflective properties so that some of the light that hits your artificial turf will bounce back. Moreover, choose window films with holes that get in the way of sunlight. The most important thing is that the outward visibility remains extremely clear despite its ability to block reflected sunlight.

If you want to know how to prevent turf burn, then you need to choose Turf Guard Window Film. You will learn more about how our amazing products can prevent your artificial grass from melting by visiting our website today!

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