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3 Window Treatments That Can Protect Artificial Grass

Energy-efficient windows are great additions to any home. However, window glare burns grass and melts sidings. This applies especially to windows facing east or west, as they're subjected to the sun at its hottest.

The sun's reflection in these windows raises the temperature in the room, and the glare makes reading or watching TV a challenge. The windows also become a magnifying glass of sorts, intensifying the glare and diffusing it towards the artificial turf. This results in the discolored grass or melted artificial grass.

Luckily, there are window treatments that can reduce the glare coming from the sun while allowing natural light to stream inside the house.

Window Treatments That Protect Artificial Grass

Although artificial grass companies claim that their products will retain its color and shape even under the sun, window glare will still burn the grass. Most synthetic lawns are no match against the power of the sun's reflection. But there are window treatments, like awnings, shutters, and window film, which can protect the artificial grass.

  1. Awnings

Awnings serve as additional outdoor roofs or covers that provide shade and helps control intense sun exposure. They can be used to eliminate window glare that can damage artificial turf. Small awnings can be placed over individual windows. Meanwhile, a pergola – an archway that forms a shaded walkway – can be placed over large doors.

  1. Shutters

Interior or exterior shutters can also be utilized to stop glare coming from the window. Shutters are a pair of hinged louvered panels that can be closed for security or privacy. It also minimizes sun reflection as a closed shutter covers window glass.

  1. Window film

Undeniably the best window treatment to stop window glare from burning grass is window film. Reflective coatings deflect the heat from the window and minimize the sun's reflection when it hits the glass. It does away with blinding glare and acts like sunglasses for windows. Window film also prevents artificial turf from discoloration and from being melted by the intense heat.

Protecting your lawn from reflecting sunlight now will save you money down the road, and Turf Guard Window Film is the best window glare blocker. Turf Guard covers come in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes. It's affordable and very easy to apply. More importantly, it will give you the coverage you need to ensure that your synthetic lawn is protected from the sun.


Turf manufacturers will argue that their product won't fade under the sun, but the hard reality is that window glare burns grass. If you want to protect your investment and your property, check out Turf Guard Window Film products.

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