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3 Wrong Ways to Prevent Artificial Turf Melting

Artificial turf melting is a problem that is encountered on any landscape on any home or business. This is primarily caused by the sun’s heat and is magnified when the sun’s ray is reflected on windows.

Putting green grass in your landscape through artificial turf installation is an excellent move! This false lawn looks like real grass and is more manageable than the latter.

Advantages of Using An Artificial Grass To Your Garden

An artificial turf  has the following benefits: requires little maintenance, some types can be laid onto concrete, good for shade, roof terraces, and balconies, water conservation, ideal for landscaping, and no wear and tear.

Going back to the problem, the sun’s reflection ruins the nice look an artificial turf provides. While buying a new turf can be a viable solution, synthetic grass cost per square foot may be costly especially if you have a big area. Just try googling “artificial grass residential cost” and see the price list yourself.

So, to prevent artificial turf melting, you have to choose the best solution. The sad thing however, is that some people are doing it wrong. So, here are 3 misconceptions about how to prevent artificial turf from melting.

 Installing An Awning Is The Best Solution to Turf Melting

While an awning installation is a good idea, it comes with a lot of disadvantages. If your landscape area is wide, you may also need a larger one. An awning is not cheap and not that easy to install, so it may require a lot from your budget and energy.

Another problem is that because an awning covers up your window, it may be a little dim inside your home even in day time.

Artificial Turf Does Not Need Watering

Artificial grass dealers may not tell you this, but your artificial turf also needs watering. You need to do this not only to clean your turf but also to prevent it from melting.

Keeping your artificial turf hydrated keeps its temperature cool enough to prevent it from easily melting.

Installing A Perforated Window Film Is Not Necessary

Some people think that window films are only used to beautify home windows. Perforated window films have the ability to block heat coming from the sun. So, not installing a window film is a big mistake. Plus, these films are really easy to install and works perfectly to stop your turf from melting.

The best solution to prevent artificial turf melting is to install a window film. This is a proven solution to this kind of problem. So, to prevent artificial turf from melting, get yourself a clear perforated window film now!

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