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4 Artificial Lawn Misconceptions You Should Never Fall For

The artificial lawn has been around for several years. Many people use it because of the number of benefits it has to offer. Still, some homeowners are hesitant to use this product. This is because of the misconceptions that can be heard about this product.

There are four myths related to synthetic grass, and these are:

Myth #1: Artificial Turf Doesn’t Feel and Look Like Real Grass

This could be true at some point when the artificial lawn was first introduced. These products didn’t look and feel like they were real because of the materials that were used. However, due to the number of research and modifications in procedures, everything has already changed.

When you buy synthetic turf products in the market, you can hardly distinguish whether it is real or not. The grass blades look and feel like it is real. Therefore, if you install it in your yard, nobody will notice that you actually have fake turf.

Myth #2: The Grass Is Not Environmentally-Friendly

This is another common misconception about the artificial lawn. Because the grass is made from synthetic fibers, it cannot absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Moreover, it is not recyclable.

However, this is not true. There are a lot of things that you can do with this turf as long as it’s still in tip-top shape. You can use it as a tablecloth or as a home décor. You only need to be creative to be able to customize a new object from this grass.

Myth #3: The Installation Process Is a Little Hard to Execute

One of the primary reasons why people are opting for synthetic turf is because it can be installed easily. It doesn’t take a lot of time as compared to planting grass. In fact, it only needs less than a day to finish the installation process.

Myth #4: It Is Only for Rich People

Many people don’t want to buy faux grass because of its hefty price. They’d rather plant real grass because seeds are cheaper than these products. However, if you compute the overall expenses of having natural turf and compare it to the fake ones, you will see a significant difference. Ordering fake grass is a one-time-big-time investment. Thus, it helps you save more cash in the long run.

Getting an artificial lawn is the most practical and environment-friendly way to have a beautiful garden. You only need to do proper maintenance to make the quality lasts.

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