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4 Best Ways to Stop Vinyl Siding from Melting

Reports of vinyl siding melting under the intense glare of the sun have caused homeowners to worry. After all, the sight of a melted or warped siding on the house doesn't look good. There's also the fact that the melted siding might have compromised the structure's integrity.

Vinyl siding melting is due to window reflection. When the sun's rays hit the window, it becomes like a magnifying glass, focusing the energy onto a small spot. Because of the intense glare from the window, temperatures in these areas can reportedly reach hundreds of degrees. This, in turn, causes vinyl sidings to warp or to melt literally. The same effect is also seen in artificial grass.

Best Ways to Stop Vinyl Siding from Melting

The most efficient way of preventing the sun from melting vinyl is to block its reflection from reaching the siding in the first place. There are several ways to go about this.

  1. Window awnings

Window awnings can be placed over individual windows to minimize the amount of sun hitting the glass. And depending on the design of the house, it could even add to its aesthetic appeal. What's more, hanging an awning over a window will also ensure that glare from your house's window doesn't reach an adjoining home. Window treatments like shutters, window shades, and even a trellis can also be used to cut down window glare. 

  1. Shade trees

Planting shade trees or bushes in front of windows is another good way of blocking sun reflection. Trees like maple, oak, and tulips can provide shade for residents while keeping the air fresh. However, it will take years before the tree grows big enough to make a difference. 

  1. Heat-resistant vinyl siding

Some vinyl manufacturers are already offering heat-resistant home sidings to address vinyl siding melting. These sidings are said to be capable of withstanding heat temperatures ranging from 185 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Regular vinyl siding begins to distort at 160 to 165 degrees. However, heat-resistant vinyl sidings can be expensive as the product is harder to extrude and cast into molds

  1. Window film

The best solution to stop vinyl siding from melting is an exterior window film. A protective cover like Turf Guard Window Film will not only halt the sun's rays from streaming inside the house, but it also prevents the light from reflecting off the glass and burning vinyl sidings, artificial grass, plastic lawn furniture and even vehicles. Window films are also affordable and easy to install.

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