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4 Creative Ways to Stop Window Reflection Problems

Are you dealing with window reflection problems? Reflected glare affects our vision, productivity, and even the aesthetics of our home. Fortunately, you can use solutions that help reduce reflection on windows. However, most anti-reflective tools may dim the house interior, while others may affect the overall look of your home. Nonetheless, some solutions do not compromise your home’s brightness and improve its curb appeal.

In this post, we will discuss how to stop or creatively reduce window reflection. But first, you need to know how window reflection problems occur.

Low-E Window Pane: The Leading Cause of Many Sun Glare Issues

Low-emissive windows, otherwise known as Low-E or energy-efficient windows, are the best alternatives to standard windows. They use thin, metallic layers to regulate the room temperature. However, this feature creates a highly concentrated window glare. As soon as the sun reaches the glass pane, it magnifies sunlight, which may cause window reflection problems.

4 Creative Ideas to Stop the Sun Reflection

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to reduce or prevent window reflection. However, if you are looking for creative ideas, you can do the following tips:

1. Plant Bushes and Shady Trees in Your Garden

One way to avoid window reflection problems is to grow shrubs and trees in your yard. Not only do they block the sun from reaching your windows, but they also help improve home aesthetics. You must plant them strategically so they will not harm your siding.

2. Repaint the Outer Walls of Your House

If the sun reflection is causing your siding to distort, you can repaint your cladding with lighter colors. Lighter shades absorb less heat than darker ones. However, if you choose this tactic, you need to repaint your wall regularly.

3. Change the Landscape of Your Garden

While it is not a glare reduction solution, it can hide the effects of the sun’s reflection on your grass. You only need to hire a professional landscaper to change the look of your garden.

4. Apply a Perforated Window Film to Your Windows

This is the most effective and the most affordable solution to avoid or reduce the effects of reflection on your home. Perforated window screens contribute to reducing glare without compromising the aesthetics and brightness of your home.

When you opt for this solution, be sure to get the best window film, which is the Turf Guard Window Film. Go to our website and find out how our products can stop window reflection problems.

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