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4 Easy Tips to Repair Melted Artificial Grass

Many people choose artificial grass over the natural ones due to its durability and low-maintenance feature. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and requires less upkeeping. However, many homeowners have melted artificial grass in their orchards.

Why Does Artificial Grass Melt?

There are two reasons why your synthetic lawn is disintegrating. One reason could be the direct application of heat. It happens when you light up a fire pit or cook outside your home. Sparks could fly and fall onto the turf, causing it to thaw.

The second reason is your energy-efficient windows. These products use thin, metallic glazing that separates heat from the cold atmosphere. The Low-E coating serves as a magnifying glass; therefore, intensifying and directing heat onto your lawn. As a result, the increasing temperature reaches the melting point of artificial grass, causing the turf to disintegrate.

Is There a Way to Stop This Damage?

There are several ways to protect your melted artificial grass from further harm. It depends on the cause of the problem. If the reason is your cooking equipment, you need to keep it away from your lawn.

However, if the window reflection is damaging your artificial grass, then you should put some cover on it. You can put some awnings to your windows to block the sunlight from hitting the Low-E glazing.

You can also water the area every 30 minutes to keep the melted artificial grass hydrated. However, you could face some consequences if you choose these solutions. For instance, awnings could dim the interior part of the house as they obstruct the invisible light from entering your home. Meanwhile, sprinkler systems could increase the demand for water consumption, thus resulting in higher bills.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to stop the window reflection from melting your artificial grass, then you should get the Turf Guard Window Film. It is not a simple window tinting product. It does not compromise the light as it uses a tint that looks like a bug screen. It also helps reduce energy consumption.

Nonetheless, the best thing about this product is that it prevents the sun reflection from melting your artificial grass. When the UV rays hit the window film, it deflects off the light and spreads heat evenly. With this item, you no longer need to worry about melted artificial grass.

Do you want to protect your synthetic turf from melting? Visit our website and buy our Turf Guard Window Film products.

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