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4 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Reflected Sunlight Damage

Most of us, if not all, already know that sunlight can be damaging. We have experienced how extreme heat can be dangerous to our skin. However, what most people don’t know is that it can also cause harmful effects in our home, especially when solar heat and glare are being reflected by the glass windows.

When the heat of the sun strikes the glass, it is reflected back outside, and this process intensifies the heat. This further adds to its already damaging effects. It is one of the low-E glass problems with its highly reflective surface. The same thing is also true for treated windows.

Here are some of the things that you probably don’t know about reflected sunlight damage.

1. Reflected sunlight can melt vinyl siding.

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes find discoloration in your vinyl siding even when it’s newly installed? Your vinyl siding is most probably not immune to the damaging effects of the solar reflections from your windows. It is a common problem called thermal distortion wherein warps and flakes appear on the surface of your vinyl siding.

It will most probably require you the needed melted siding repair, and that is just another unnecessary cost especially when your siding is new.

    2. It can melt synthetic turf.

      Another thing you probably don’t know about reflected sunlight damage is that it can make your synthetic turf melt. Window reflection is enough to send your lawn to its melting point. You can see the damage through the dark spots of discoloration in your lawn,  similar to how dead grass looks like.

        3. It can cause discoloration on exterior paint.

          Another reflected sunlight damage is the discoloration of the exterior paint in your home. Aside from the reflected solar heat, the reflected UV rays also have this effect on the paint. It damages the binders of the paint and will cause the pigments to fall off, hence, the discoloration.

          Extreme sunlight can also dehydrate the paint and will cause it to dry until it builds flakes around the damaged surface.

            4. Reflected light causes exterior furniture fading.

              Direct sunlight is not often enough to cause damage to furniture at home, but reflected solar heat is not the same thing. Reflected sunlight can be the bane of your outdoor furniture. It can cause discoloration to wood as well as the fabric in your furniture.

              Reflected sunlight can cause a lot of damage, but it is something that you can quickly reverse. The primary thing you need to do is eliminate the reflective surface of your glass windows, and you can do this by installing perforated window films.

              If you are interested in trying the last option, then visit our website and check out our Turf Guard Window Film.

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