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4 Little Tricks to Stop Thermal Distortion on Vinyl Siding

Go outside and take a look at your wall. Does it look like it’s melting? This condition is called thermal distortion. It is common to any object that is sensitive to extreme heat, just like your vinyl siding. It starts to distort once it triggers the vinyl siding melting point.

The question is – what causes thermal distortion in vinyl siding? There are two reasons for this. First is when the griller is near your vinyl siding, it absorbs heat, causing your wall to distort.

However, the main reason is your neighbor’s energy-efficient windows. When your home is facing your neighbor’s window, and the sun is in the right direction, it creates a reflection of sunlight. Then, your siding gets the reflected heat through the transmission, resulting to a thermal distortion on your vinyl siding.

Fortunately, you can stop your neighbor’s windows from melting your vinyl siding. Here are four little tricks to prevent thermal distortion in vinyl siding.

  1. Talk to Your Neighbor

One way to stop thermal distortion in vinyl siding is by talking to your neighbor. Tell her that her windows are causing your wall to melt. Give her suggestions like replacing their windows with standard models to stop the problem. If she doesn’t like the idea, tell her that you will help her with the project expenses.

  1. Get Rid of Reflective Objects and Cooking Equipment

If it’s not your neighbor’s fault, it can be the objects outside your home. If your grill is causing the problem, you need to put it away from your siding. You can keep it when it’s not in use or place it at least ten feet away from your wall. That way, you can still enjoy cooking outside your home without ruining your siding.

  1. Place Natural Privacy Screens in Front of Your House

Natural privacy screens, such as bushes and trees don’t just give privacy and beauty to your property. They also prevent the window reflection from melting your vinyl siding. Grow these plants strategically or place pots in front of your wall to protect vinyl siding from melting.

  1. Use Window Film for Turf

While it is used to protect your artificial grass against the harmful effects of the reflected sunlight, you can also use it to prevent thermal distortion. It diffuses the heat to avoid warping caused by the sunbeam.

To learn more about this solution, visit the Turf Guard Window Film website and find out how it can stop thermal distortion in vinyl siding.

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