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4 Neglected Reasons Why It’s Important to Stop Window Reflection

More and more people have been using low-e glass in the construction of their homes, as it is renowned to reflect heat and keep the room cooler during the summer. However, the increase in property damage is also believed to be caused by the reflection of low-e glass windows.

Even with the news and reported hazards associated with low-e glass windows, people still tend to overlook the possible dangers they may experience when using it. Below are five logical reasons why you should stop window reflection right now.

1. It can melt vinyl siding

Most commercial vinyl siding can suppress heat of up to 165°Fahrenheit. However, sunbeam reflected on low-e glass windows can go up to 200℉, which will certainly melt the reflected vinyl siding. Although this has been a recurring problem for many homeowners, most house insurance companies, builders, and window and siding manufacturers refuse to cover damages caused by window reflection.

2. It can damage nearby vehicles

As reported in September 2010 by Discover Magazine, sunbathers were attacked by so-called “death rays” from a hotel in Chicago. In September 2013, BBC also reported a skyscraper in London allegedly causing the melting of some parts of a car parked nearby.These are probably enough validation that reflected glare from windows are alarmingly dangerous. If you are a car-owner, you need to be aware of these hazards and find ways to stop window reflection near your car.

3. UV radiation is bad for you

The UV radiation that you get from direct sunlight is no different to the radiation you get from reflected ones. UV radiation is a major culprit in damaging human vision and hair, and it promotes skin cancer. This is why you are encouraged to use sunscreen and wear glare reduction glasses when out in the sun.

    4. It can melt the turf

      As much as you want to keep the turf in your backyard, you must also know that it can easily melt due to reflected sunlight from low-e glass windows. Turfs generally have a melting point of 200° which is quite high, but a good number of it still melts due to reflected light from windows.

      End Note

      Although low-e glass windows are a definite hit-and-miss, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase another low-e glass window at all. They are definitely great solutions to reduce window reflection. You may get your hands on a heat reflective window coating or get the Turf Guard from WindowFilmforTurf.com and stop window reflection toprevent siding and turf from melting and save yourself from damaging your neighbor’s property.

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