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4 Spectacular Landscaping Ideas for Your Artificial Turf

Artificial turf’s popularity continues to rise due to its low maintenance cost. If you have one installed, you might have a lot of ideas running in your head about shaping your lawn. You could create infinite designs that are eye-catchy and beautiful; it all just depends on your lawn.

Many people use artificial turf because of its attractive features. Once you have decided to use artificial grass, just use your imagination and you will achieve that dream lawn.

To help you get started, here are some ideas for gardening with turf.

  • Synthetic Turfs on Terraces or Balconies

If you think turf is only for homes with yards, you are absolutely making a huge mistake. Be it in apartments or rooftops, you can always use synthetic grass. Make your balconies green and close to nature by using artificial lawn. You could also make your rooftops lively with the color green. It will really be eye-catchy.

  • Under the Trees

An artificial turf can be shaped and placed anywhere you want. A benefit for using it is that it can be placed beneath a shady tree so you can have a perfect lawn. To add to this, fake glass can also be applied to difficult areas where the soil is unleveled.

  • In-between pavers

It is possible as well to surround those pavements with turf. Artificial grass is flexible and can be shaped to fit an empty space. Your pavers will look really great surrounded by the green nature-like grass.

It is easy to apply as well. You just have to install the pavers normally and let it dry, then get yourself a turf and cut it to fit the spaces in-between. Settle it down, surrounding the pavers with a glue and there you have it, an instant paver surrounded by artificial turf.

  • Color Your Courtyard Green

It doesn’t matter if your courtyard is small or large; turfs can be used in any. Even small gardens can be enhanced by using synthetic turf. It will make it more lively and attractive.

Tip: Synthetic grass is produced using tufted polyethylene which has fine holes in order to penetrate the water. You can easily clean it by spraying or washing with water.

These are just some of the thousands of ideas possible with turf related to aesthetic purposes. If you think you cannot enhance your courtyard’s beauty because you have a small space or unlevelled soil, then think again. Even if you have previous issues with your lawn, it can be taken care of. It’s a matter of utilizing this artificial turf and using your beautiful imagination.

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