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4 Types of Window Films and How To Choose What to Buy

Window films, otherwise known as privacy films, are thin, scratchproof materials that are usually made from vinyl or polyester. It is generally connected to the inner corner of the window. It can also be attached in layers to give you the desired result. The film is so thin. You can barely see it, especially if it is colorless.

The primary purpose of a window tint film is to control the temperature inside the house. However, many people use it for added privacy, security, appeal, and turf protection. It’s all thanks to UV blockers that absorb heat from the sun.

There are four types of window films, and these are static cling, dyed, metalized or deposited, and hybrid films.

  1. Static Cling Privacy Films

This type is the basic style of a window privacy film. Generally made from vinyl, its primary purpose is to provide the privacy that you need. Moreover, it protects the window glasses from shattering.

The best thing about this glass film is that anyone can install it in their houses. You don’t need to hire a professional installer because you can do it on your own. However, it doesn’t absorb too much heat compared to other window films.

  1. Dyed Privacy Films

Aside from UV protection, a dyed privacy film also has a tint that absorbs heat. These window films block the warm temperature from entering your house by deflecting it. This is a perfect choice if you have an artificial lawn in your garden as it also prevents grass disintegration.

  1. Metalized or Deposited Privacy Films

This tint film works when the polyester is passed over a vacuum where the metal elements are deposited. These components allow the film to bounce off the UV rays. The thicker the layer, the denser it becomes; therefore, the more active it is to deflect radiation. Compared to its previous types, it has a reflective quality, which improves privacy.

  1. Hybrid Privacy Films

Some privacy film for windows has reflective steel and dye components. With this powerful combo, you can create a more efficient film for your windows.

Many people think that darker shades may not block warmer temperatures due to its color. However, heat absorption doesn’t rely on the shade. Its primary purpose is to provide privacy and to minimize reflective properties. Therefore, you can also use it if you want to protect your turf from melting.

Window films add curb appeal to your windows and give comfort to your home. They also come in different colors. With the number of choices that you have, you could get a film that complements the theme of your home.

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