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4 Ways to Prevent Your Synthetic Turf From Melting

Have you noticed patchy spots or discolorations on your synthetic turf? That would be because your synthetic lawn is melting. This happens when the grass field cannot handle the heat anymore. When the sun is up, its rays hit the glass windows or any reflective area, but it doesn’t absorb the heat. It transfers the hot temperature to your turf, causing it to melt.

Fortunately, there are four ways to make your synthetic turf melt-free. You only need to provide water for the lawn, plant trees around the yard, change the infill, and apply perforated films to your windows. Let’s discuss how these methods will help in preventing your grass from fading out.

Provide Sufficient Water for Your Lawn

One of the things that you must do is to water the synthetic grass. Only a few people know the importance of water in this type of field. Because it requires little maintenance, we thought we could only use it for cleaning the turf.

However, synthetic turf needs to be hydrated to prevent it from melting. It cools down the temperature, even if the weather hot. However, it dries out every 5 to 20 minutes, so make sure you have a sprinkler system in your yard. That way, you don’t need to use a hose to maintain its hydration.

Plant Trees Around the Yard

Trees are essential in keeping the air clean. Moreover, it prevents flooding as it sips water. However, these are not the only reasons why you should plant trees in your garden. They add beauty to your yard and protect your artificial turf from the sun.

However, planting trees need a plan so it can give the protection that your lawn needs. Make sure you plant the seeds where the sun directly hits. That way, it can cover the sunlight once it grows.

Change the Infill

Infill in synthetic turf is the loose particles that support the grass blades. It offers resiliency and stabilizes the carpet. Moreover, it has shock absorption. However, it soaks up the heat coming from your windows and the sun. The darker the color of the infill, the more heat it absorbs.

Thus, you need to replace the infill with a lighter shade. Studies show that lighter colors soak up less heat.

Apply Perforated Films for Your Windows

Stores and other buildings use perforated films to display ads on their doors and windows. But you can also use it for protecting your artificial grass from melting.

Perforated window films have anti-reflective properties. It deflects off the reflection, which reduces the effects of window reflections. Heat is then minimized since the film lessens glare.  Hence, it prevents the artificial lawn from melting. Just apply it to the outer part of the glass window, and it will do its work.

Many people switch to synthetic turf due to its benefits, but only a few people know about turf damage. With these tips, you will prevent the grass from melting. However, you need to follow the guidelines correctly and make sure you get quality perforated window films. Go to windowfilmforturf.com to learn more about these products.

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