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4 Ways to Quickly and Effectively Remove Your Window Film

There are instances wherein a window film needs to be replaced due to scratches or damages. The work required to remove the window film depends on how long the window film was placed and what type of adhesive was used.

Here are Some Ways to Effectively Remove your Window Film:

  • Dissolving the Film Adhesive

You can use vinegar and ammonia to dissolve the film adhesive. However, it can take you a couple of hours. The best way to dissolve the film adhesive is to use a soapy ammonia. Just put it in a spray bottle and carefully spray the solution to the film. Let it dry, then respray. To get a faster result, cover it with a plastic wrap so it can hold the moisture and leave it overnight.

Make sure to have adequate ventilation when using ammonia, as this can be harmful to your health when it is inhaled. Also, donโ€™t forget to use an eye protector.

  • Releasing the Window Film

When vinegar and ammonia are not available, a handheld steamer will do. When the steamer and blow dryer are combined, it produces moist and dry heat, which can effectively loosen the tint. It is ideal to remove your window film at daytime or when the sun is up, as the glass window is warmer at this time, making the film easier to peel.

  • Peeling the Window Film

Once the window film is loosened, grab one end of the window film using a razor and pull. You may remove your window film in pieces or in big sheets depending on the amount of adhesive that has been dissolved. If you are unable to peel it off, you can speed up the process by spraying larger amounts of ammonia. This will heat up the area and have it stay for a couple of hours.

You can also make use of a razor in scraping the film. Continue using the spray bottle and dryer as you go through the process of removing the film. Finally, use paper towels in cleaning the mixture of ammonia and water.

  • Cleaning the Glass Window

Once you completely pulled off the film, clean your glass window using an ammonia-based solution to remove your window film residue.

Use a non-vinegar or non-ammonia cleaner if you wish to put a new window film. This will prevent the chemicals from the last removal in damaging the new film.

Removing a window film may require a lot of time and work, but following these steps can make your job quicker and easier.

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