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5 Best Turf Melting Solutions You Need to Know

Many people have started to realize that their artificial grass is not doing them any good because of melting. They think of turf melting solutions and how they would add up to the cost of maintaining a supposedly affordable lawn facade.

5 Best Turf Melting Solutions You Need to Know

If you are experiencing the same issue, then you came to the right website. Here are some of the best turf melting solutions that you would need to know. This list will help you know how to prevent turf burn and protect your prized lawn from sun reflection.

1. Prevent โ€œshinyโ€ objects from magnifying through your artificial grass. Some people consider using reflective window films because of cost efficiency and appearance. Reflective films cover up the insides of your house for your privacy.This may be effective in your own home, but it would bring discomfort to your neighbor.

Always make sure that you use deflective materials to avoid grass burnt from the sun. Choosing the cheaper path might cause more serious damage to repair like turf burn.

2. Use canopies or awnings to protect your turf. They may not cover the entirety of your lawn, but canopies and awnings would help prevent sunlight reflection. If you do not want to give up your reflective window films, this is the next best thing you would need for turf maintenance.

Awnings are one of the turf melting solutions that actually add design to your home. You can play with the designs you like without compromising the beauty of your aesthetics. If you have the budget, go for customizable awnings so that it would remain faithful to your home design.

3. Prevent your lawn from having contact with burns and stains. Keep your grill away from the turf. Used charcoal during a cook-off would definitely affect your artificial grass.

Also, make sure that your turf is far from possible chemical spills. There are substances that could discolor your artificial grass permanently.

4. Plant fast-growing trees near your lawn. This is one of the turf melting solutions that would benefit you and your family. Trees provide shade that avoids grass burnt from the sun. Contact a professional to guide you in choosing the best tree to plant in your lawn.

5. Screen your window with Turf Guard Window Film. You do not need to worry about how to fix burnt grass when you use the Turf Guard Window Film. It is surely one of the best turf melting solutions,as it is perforated instead of being reflective. It guarantees deflection and will surely protect your artificial grass from burning.

Flaunt your turf; use Turf Guard Window Films.

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