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5 Innovative Ways to Stop Sun Reflection Killing Plants

Having a damaged and burnt plant can be painful to any homeowners. More often, such damages are caused by direct or reflected sunlight heat. Such heat can be intensified by window glare that magnifies high temperature which causes sun reflection killing plants.

Sunlight and its heat are inevitable elements. Window sun can cause plants to dry out and eventually kill it. Changing of climate is also one of the reasons why the heat of the sun intensifies.

5 Innovative Ways to Stop Sun Reflection Killing Plants

To prevent sun reflection killing plants, here are five innovative ways you can try today:

1. Install a sun control film

Installing a sun control film can help manage window heat from direct sunlight thus can stop sun reflection killing plants. This type of film is one of the innovative solutions to prevent plants from drying and dying.

The said film can also maintain the home’s ideal indoor temperature. Installing such can manage the heat coming from windows that have low-e coating.

2. Use an anti-glare window film

It is very evident that window reflection does burn plants and turn. Using an anti-glare window film can prevent sun reflection killing plants. The innovative window film is used as a heat reflective window coating.

The film concentrates on making sure that your home windows will prevent sunrays from reflecting through your window glass. In this way, it can prohibit and stop plants from drying and burning.

3. Use a dark window tint

Using a dark window tint can prevent window glass reflection. Dark tint can act as a preventive tool to protect plants from drying and burning.

Dark window tint is usually used in vehicles for privacy, security, and prevent the heat of the outside from coming into the interiors. It also blocks direct sunlight from reflecting to not obstruct the view of the driver.

This works the same when being installed in your home windows. Thus, it stops sun reflection killing plants from happening.

4. Use decorative window awnings

Window awnings are simple yet innovative tools to act as a shade on your windows. It can act as a shade for your plants when the weather is too warm, especially during summer season.

5. Install a decorative tent

Having a tent in your lawn can be beneficial for your plants and for your family members as well. It can be an area for you to gather while protecting your plants from direct heat from the sun.

To learn more about these innovative ways, visit the Turf Guard Window Film website and find out sun reflection killing plants solutions.

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