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5 Safe Materials Ideal for Your Artificial Turf Maintenance

Synthetic turf or artificial turf is a lot easier to maintain than the regular or natural grass simply because it does not require daily watering, mowing, or pesticides. Yet, it is advised to still put extra care and love to lengthen its quality and appearance for decorative purposes.

In maintaining an artificial turf, there are several things to remember. Doing it right can put more efficiency to its cost and daily usage. Here are the five (5) of the best materials ideal for your synthetic turf’s maintenance:

  1. Non-toxic or non-corrosive cleaning agents

Using non-toxic or non-corrosive chemicals in cleaning your artificial turf can maintain its color and overall quality. This is because synthetic materials react to toxic substances that can lead to discoloration, burning, or melting.

  1. Use a leaf blower

If the artificial turf is surrounded by leaves and other garbage, using a leaf blower cannot only make cleaning a lot easier, but it can also maintain the brand-new look of the turf. It can also remove other light debris and dust.

Instead of using a broom stick and a dust pan that can cause further damage, a blower can eliminate foreign particles from the lawn.

  1. Make use of the rake

Homeowners might think that rake can only be used on natural grass, but it is also recommended for artificial turf maintenance as well. Rake can do wonders on the synthetic fibers of the lawn making it appear newly installed.

Using a rake can also weed out unnecessary plants lying under the synthetic turf. It can weed out several debris or insects that can damage its artificial fibers.

  1. Lightly rinse the lawn from time to time

Rinsing the synthetic turf with water can wash away accumulated debris, dead leaves, and dust. The less dust it has, the better. Make it a habit of washing the synthetic lawn at least twice a month to keep it clean and healthy.

  1. Use a built-in deodorizer

With all the activities being done with the lawn, it accumulates odor that sometimes can be harmful to someone’s health. In maintaining a beautiful, odor-free, or fragrant turf, use a deodorizer to unmask unnecessary smell and sanitize the area especially if pets are present.

Caring for an artificial turf is easy. Following the right steps and using the ideal products can undoubtedly prolong its quality and appearance. It will also be protected from different organisms and/or factors that can cause damage, dents, and foul smell.

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