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5 Tips on Fixing The Most Common Natural Grass Issues

There’s a reason why doctors recommend that people drink at least 8-ounce glasses of water daily. It’s to keep our bodies moisturized and cool. After all, water is life. The same goes with plants. They also need to be kept cool and moisturized, especially since they’re exposed to the sun too often. There is no arguing that most natural grass issues are caused by sunlight, whether it is direct or reflected. With that, here are some tips on how to fix natural grass issues:

5 Tips on Fixing The Most Common Natural Grass Issues

1. Water The Grass Often

Without water, the grass or whatever plant will wither. That’s because one of the primary sources of a plant’s life is water. It serves as a channel to transport nutrients and minerals for the plant, so that natural grass issues can be avoided.

The most common lawn issues are usually caused by too much heat, whether or not it from direct or reflected sunlight.

Since there is no way you can keep the sun from shining, what you can do is to help keep the grass cool.

2. Cover The Soil With Mulch

Mulch can refer to any material used as covering for the soil. What it does best is that it insulates the roots and soil against heat coming from direct or reflected sunlight, which is usually the cause of lawn damage. It will also help prevent moisture from evaporating on the surface of the soil.

3. Pre-plan Your Lawn

Before actually installing your turf, you should plan out where to place the turf. Here’s a tip:  it should be a place where there is more shade, preferably a place where there are trees.

That way, your grass will have a firs line of defense which will prevent natural grass issues. Trees won’t exactly stop reflected heat, but at the very least, it’s going to protect the grass from the direct sunlight and reduce the heat that it receives.

4. Keep Your Grass Healthy

Good health is the only thing your grass needs to avoid the most common grass problems. When your grass is provided with the right amount of water, as well as the nutrients it needs, then it becomes more immune to physiological stresses such as withering done by reflected heat.

5. Install Turf Guard Screen Film on Your Window

No matter what measures you do to protect your grass from damage caused by reflected heat, there are still loop holes. With that, you need to take desperate measures such as using Turf Guard Screen Film. With this heat protector, you won’t have to worry about burning your lawn ever again due to direct or reflected heat.

Even becoming an ultimate expert about how to fix burnt grass isn’t enough. You need to equip your lawn with the required tool to avoid damaged so that you wouldn’t have to worry about how to fix your lawn.    

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