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5 Typical Culprits and Reasons Why Your Grass Melted

Synthetic grass or artificial turf is one of the best choices of homeowners to decorate their place because of it aesthetic and convenience. Artificial turf does not need a high maintenance care and solution – it does not require watering, mowing, or pesticides.

Synthetic grass is becoming a popular alternative to the regular or normal grass. It is available in the market at a more affordable price now compared before. As much as it has advantages, homeowners are experiencing dilemmas with their artificial turf too.

This type of turf is prone to heat exposure and thus impacted by direct sunlight. In line with this, it is more likely to warm up and eventually melt. You might be experiencing melting with your grass due to the following reasons:

  1. Reflective windows and surfaces

Intense heat is affecting your synthetic grass because of the sunlight’s reflection on your window glass, stainless, and/or aluminum surfaces. It creates a thermal reaction resulting to your turf getting melted.

  1. Dark colored and reflective home gutters

Dark colored and reflective house gutters can be one of the causes why your lawn is melting. Dark colored gutters are more prone to absorb heat thus, its reflection towards your turf can cause melting because of the heat’s presence.

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors are number one sunlight reflectors that can cause melting and even burning to your artificial grass. Mirrors can absorb high-intensity heat from direct sunlight. When reflected your lawn, it can cause heat buildup and turf melting.

  1. Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight might be an inevitable factor but it is the reason why your turf is melting. To prevent your turf from harmful sunlight, opt to add a shade to the lighted area during the day or sprinkle some water to keep it cool.

  1. Fire

In cases that fire is present on your lawn, it will melt your turf like a usual plastic. Avoid bonfires and direct lawn grilling as much as possible to prevent fire and turf damage.

If you are experiencing grass melting, remember that it can still be repaired. Any damage on your artificial turf has solutions to maintain its quality and prolong its decorative purpose. Always remember that proper care is required to keep your lawn brand new.

Though of the factors are inevitable because they are brought by nature, there are solutions to take account for. Visit our website to know more about artificial turf care and maintenance and other products available.

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