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5 Vinyl Siding Melting Issues Your Neighbors Worry About

Most builders recommend vinyl siding because of its promise of flexibility and durability. However, there are vinyl siding melting issues that have been raised for quite some time now. As a part of the community, the last thing you want to hear are your neighbors complaining about their melting vinyl because of your window.

Here are some of the vinyl siding melting issues your neighbor, or you, might be worrying about.

Vinyl Siding Is Ruining the Dream

Vinyl siding lifespan ranges from approximately 20 to 40 years, according to home inspectors. However, that information does not include thermal conditions. Many homeowners have reported seeing their houses becoming distorted because of the vinyl siding melting issues. It is heartbreaking to see your dream house fall down just because of sun reflection.

Vinyl Siding Contractor vs. Window Manufacturer

Manufacturers tend to blame each other. Vinyl siding makers pinpoint window manufacturers because of the glass’ reflective state. On the other hand, window manufacturers blame the siding contractors because of the low vinyl melting point. This ends up with the homeowners dishing out more money for repairs.

Damage Repair Would Cost a Fortune

You might consider repairing your vinyl sidings, but it would cost you more money.Moreover, it is not a question of how to replace a vinyl siding; rather, it is a question of how to maintain the exterior for a long time as what is expected.

Warped Vinyl Sidings Are Toxic

You and your neighbors most likely worry about the possible chemicals emitted by the siding because of the distortion. The Vinyl Siding Institute disproves the claim, with the assurance that no toxic elements are emitted when the exterior is starting to deteriorate.

There is NO Solution to the Problem

Some would give up most especially when they are saving up for something more important than the exterior of their houses. However, we have the perfect solution to your vinyl siding melting issues.

The Siding Guard Window Film deflects heat from penetrating the interior and exterior parts of your home. It acts as a protection of your vinyl siding from window glare. It also screens your home from bugs.

This do-it-yourself product will not burn your pocket; it is a guaranteed effective tool to address your vinyl siding concerns. The Siding Guard Window Film is available in gray, black, white, and clear finishes. You can browse through our website for more details.

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