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5 Ways to Prevent Vinyl Siding Melting Lawsuit

Vinyl siding melting is one of the sources of conflict between neighbors. Some homeowners affected by such occurrence pursue a vinyl siding melting lawsuit against their neighbors. Such makes the neighborhood more prone to heat and intense emotions.

Vinyl melting point carries 160 to 165 Fahrenheit only. Temperature beyond it can lead to a warped vinyl and cause it to melt. No homeowners want this to happen.

Heat is the culprit and the main cause of why there is a melting vinyl. When heat is passed or reflected by a neighbor’s window, it can cause damage; hence, vinyl siding melting lawsuit can arise.

Vinyl siding melting lawsuit can be a big problem for any homeowners. This might cause a stir towards the neighborhood, to prevent such, read here.

To maintain a harmonious relationship with your neighbors and prevent any vinyl siding melting lawsuit, here are effective things to consider:

Block the sun from hitting the windows

Direct sunlight can cause reflection on windows that bounces off heat. Window reflection can cause sidings to melt or worse, a vinyl siding melting lawsuit.

To block the direct sunlight, put window awnings or shadings on your glass windows.

Install an energy-efficient or heat-resistant vinyl siding

To eliminate reasons and ways on how to fix siding, know your home’s basic need upfront. If you notice that your neighbor does not have any window films and awnings, you can opt to install a vinyl siding that is energy-efficient or heat-resistant.

In this way, no matter how much reflection your sidings can get from the other house, it is deemed safe to consider that your siding will not easily melt.

Plant tall plants or trees

Tall plants or trees can provide shade to prevent vinyl sidings to melt. In this regard, you can also prevent the worst-case scenario towards your neighbors.

Erect a tent or a shading on the prone area

If you think that planting trees will take a long time before you can benefit from them, you can choose to erect a tent to provide shading. A tent can be the best alternative to tall plants and trees, too.

Install a window film or screen

To prevent a worse vinyl siding melting lawsuit against your neighbors, prevention is always better than cure. In some cases, repairing vinyl siding damage is a lot cheaper than facing a lawsuit and hiring a lawyer.

To prohibit your windows from making a laser beam effect towards your neighbor’s vinyl siding, opt to install a window film or screen to diminish the effect. This option is not so expensive, and it can also guarantee you significant results.

If you are interesed in installing perforated window films as the solution to yor problem, you can visit our website and look at the Siding Guard Window Film.

To prevent such vinyl siding melting lawsuit, it pays to know how much you are affecting your neighbors. Keep in mind that a harmonious relationship towards your neighborhood can lead to a happier home.

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