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5 Ways to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Artificial Lawn

Having a home with artificial grass is a good investment. It can beautify your backyard and serves as a place where your whole family can gather. Though it requires minimal maintenance, you should be mindful of solutions and tips to prolong the lifespan of your artificial lawn.

Focusing on the right turf grass installation can say a lot about how your turf will become. Following the directions and using quality adhesive can hold your artificial grass into place for a longer period.

Keeping your lawn and turf clean, neat, and odorless is just one of the best turf solutions you must remember. In doing so, using harmless and nonhazardous chemicals are the answer. You can opt to do it at least once a month to make sure that your turf quality is prolonged and well maintained.

To maximize the use and the lifespan of your artificial grass, here are five ways you can consider:

    1. Do regular maintenance.

      Once you are finished with your turf grass installation, the next step to consider is its maintenance. Your turf’s regular maintenance should not be expensive. It can start small just by removing dust and debris or brushing off some dirt.

      Scheduling a regular maintenance for your artificial grass can happen even at least once a month. You can also opt to schedule maintenance each time it's needed to prevent further damage.

        2. Brush your lawn.

          Brushing your lawn can maintain its beauty and quality and prolong its lifespan. After synthetic turf installation and waiting for it to dry, brushing can prove if the adhesive used sticks the grass together.

          Brushing your home’s artificial grass just like regular grass can help you remove dirt making it aesthetically appealing.

            3. Do not grill barbeques or have bonfire on your turf.

              The turf might be inviting to push through with different activities, yet you must remember that grilling barbeques or celebrating with a bonfire might damage your synthetic turf.

              The heat coming from the grill or the fire can melt and worse burn the synthetic turf. Artificial turfs are not heat resistant.

                4. Remove stains.

                  If you have kids or your family gather around the turf, stains are inevitable. To prolong the synthetic turf’s lifespan, be mindful of the elements that might cause its damage. Thus, if anything already occurs on the turf, removing it immediately can save the synthetic grass from further harm.

                    5. Sprinkle some water.

                      Sprinkling a little amount of water on the turf can help cool it. Turf is exposed to direct sunlight that can cause for it to warm or heat up.

                      Maintaining your turf is easy and cheap even if you have synthetic turf international. To know more about artificial grass maintenance, explore our website and find out the best solutions.

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