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7 Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Turf Products

Your budget isn’t the only thing you should consider when purchasing turf products. Keep in mind that buying synthetic turf is a long-term investment. Here are seven things to consider before you decide on getting artificial grass for your lawn:

1. Amount of Traffic

If you choose to buy artificial turf, it is important to consider if there will be a large amount of traffic in the area where you’ll be installing your artificial grass. If you have children who like to play outside or energetic pets, you would need very durable types of garden grass.

2. Turf Density

Turf density pertains to the amount of yarn per square unit of the turf. A more dense turf will be more expensive as it will have more fiber content. Choose a turf company that offer a wide variety of dense turfs. Dense turfs are more aesthetically pleasing and thus, can cost more than the average synthetic turf.

3. Pile Height

Pile height determines the length of the turf blades from above the backing to the tip. Turfs with a taller pile height have a tendency to bend over since a taller pile height equals heavier grass blades.

As much as possible, purchase turf that is natural-looking. A turf with a pile height of at least 31-38 mm is highly recommended. Remember, it is important to consider other factors that can affect your turf such as garden furniture or window reflections.

4. Maintenance

The reason why most people are purchasing turf products is because it requires less maintenance compared to the natural grass. It is important to consider the different types of grass in choosing a turf, as well as the amount of time you are willing to put into maintaining it.

Weather conditions, debris from trees, garden furniture, the amount of traffic in the area, and window reflections are some of the external factors that can damage your turf.

A good example is a window without installed window films. This poses a big threat to turf owners as the reflection from these windows melts artificial turf.

5. Turf Quality

    Quality is important, especially if you want your turf to last long. Go for polyethylene or polypropylene turfs. Look for turf manufacturers who can supply you with a wide variety of turfs so that you can compare and contrast which works best for you.

    6. Turf Color

      Part of the turf quality entails a rich turf color. Synthetic turfs come in different shades such as lime green, dark green, olive green, and much more. Aim for a type of turf that has different shades so that it wouldn’t look too fake.

      7. Turf Infill

        Synthetic turf should be infilled in order for it to remain lush-looking. You can opt for either sand or rubber crumb as infill materials.


        Opting to go for synthetic turf rather than natural grass takes a lot of decision-making that involves considering a lot of factors. Anyone who is planning to use artificial turf should consider Turf Guard Window Film as a form of preventive action against external factors. Purchasing turf product is definitely an investment, and by choosing your turf wisely, you get to end up with the lawn of your dreams.

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