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8 Unique and Beneficial Gift Ideas Using Synthetic Grass

Are you searching for gift ideas that are unique and creative? Then you’re in for a treat! Giving an artificial turf as a gift is actually nice. Yes, turf as in artificial grass. You might think that it is for lawn purpose, then you’re absolutely wrong. Whatever the occasion or reason, gift ideas using synthetic grass are great for your loved ones.

Synthetic turfs are not just made for lawn design. It can be customized as accessories or items. Turf requires less maintenance. It is safe and contributes to environmental preservation. When created into accessories, the product is very eye-catching, unique, and environment-friendly. Additionally, the good thing about is that it can last for a really long time.

Some gift ideas using synthetic grass:

  • Sandals With Synthetic Grass

Feel the comfort of walking barefoot with turf on your sandals. It can easily be made and it’s pretty clean too. Get a turf and put it on a pair of sandals and show your love to your special someone.

  • Lampshade Made With Synthetic Turf

A lampshade surrounded with artificial grass is very unique. It boosts the essence of nature, if you place it in your room, office or anywhere in the house.

  • Drying Rack

Fake grass can be a good tool in the kitchen. After you wash the dishes, let it dry on a rack made of turf. Water is drained easily as well because of the materials used that doesn’t absorb water.

  • Phone or Pen Stand

There are many gift ideas using synthetic grass and this multipurpose stand is able to hold your phone, pens, clips, or pencils while you enjoy browsing the Internet or other desk activities.

  • Grass Hammock

Sleep on the grass above ground and feel like floating. The artificial turf is hypoallergenic and the materials used are very soft. Sleeping on a hammock with artificial grass on it makes you feel like taking an afternoon nap in your lawn.

  • Grass Chair

Sitting on a chair covered with faux grass is a perfect way to relax after a long day’s work. It is very comfortable and does not cause irritation.

  • Artificial Grass Phone Case

Do you want a unique and nature-like design for your Smartphone? Then customize it by applying turf. It also provides protection to your phone.

  • Turf Table Runner

Table runner made with artificial grass makes your table come alive. It helps prevent glass from being broken accidentally on the table too.

If you are looking for a very special gift for your special someone, then turf is a perfect choice. It is very durable, soft, and safe to use. Treat your loved ones with these gift ideas using synthetic grass, they’ll be surprised.

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