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A Brief Explanation of How Glare From Windows Burns the Grass

You may have read some reports about how glare from windows burns the grass. As a homeowner, you may wonder how is the window reflection killing the grass. To clear your mind, let this article explain the effects of glass reflection on your turf.

How Is Glare From Windows Burning the Grass?

This dilemma happens when you start using Low-E windows. Energy-efficient windows can be a solution to your power consumption. The coating utilized by these windows helps reduce energy costs by reflecting the heat away from your home.

However, since the heat cannot enter the house, the glass magnifies the light and concentrates it onto your lawn. As a result, it creates brown spots on your green field, thus making your garden unappealing.

Is There a Way to Stop the Glass Reflection From Burning the Grass?

Some people suggest that if the glare from windows burns the grass, then you should let it be. It will be revived once the summer season is over, as it is part of the grass’ natural characteristics. Nonetheless, it does not mean that it is the only way to deal with this problem. There are a few solutions that will stop the window reflection from burning the grass.

However, you need to remember that these tips do not remove the cause entirely. They only reduce the effects of window glare. After all, we cannot control the sun from rising.

Plant Shrubs and Trees in Your Yard.

One way to stop the window glare from burning the grass is by growing trees and bushes in your garden. Trees protect the glass window from the sun so that it will not reach a high temperature. Meanwhile, shrubs absorb the excess heat. You just need to plant them in areas that get the most heat.

However, if you choose this solution, you need to wait for years before they can protect your grass. They need to grow so they can cover the turf and reduce the air temperature.

Apply Perforated Window Films to Your Windows.

It is the easiest and the fastest solution to protect your green field from the window reflection. The film has anti-reflective properties that reduce glare. Moreover, it spreads out the heat evenly, therefore lessening the appearance of brown spots.

All these and more are the features of Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and learn how glare from windows burns the grass, and how our products can stop this damage.

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