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Addressing Your Lawn’s Artificial Turf Melting

Problem with your artificial turf melting? A beautiful landscape offers an exceptional way of adding value to your home. Indeed, there are reasons why landscaping is associated with what is popularly known as “the curb appeal.” So whether you plan to put your house in the market or not, landscaping is a good investment you’ll likely not regret doing. Think fresh air and relaxing view, plus did you know that a lush, green view offers a natural therapy to help reduce stress and anxiety?

The thing is, when it comes to maintenance, a natural grass lawn demands time and effort. This can be discouraging for most people who are already preoccupied with career and caring for their family. But this should not mean you’ll have to make do with a boring landscape. Enter affordable artificial grass.

The Benefits of Artificial Turfs

If you are interested in enjoying the aesthetic appeal of a grass lawn minus the hassle of maintenance and the extra costs associated with it, then artificial turf is for you. Fake lawn grass cost lowers now which are great alternatives for difficult-to-maintain natural grass lawns. Artificial turfs are made of synthetic materials designed to look like natural grass that eliminates the use of harmful pesticides and the need for costly maintenance.

Combatting the Sun’s Heat – Your Artificial Turf’s Main Enemy

Here is an important thing to know. The most realistic artificial grass has a melting point of 175 to 200 ° F. Considering this, it may not be surprising if you run into artificial turf melting problems. This problem is common due to the nature of the materials used in the manufacturing of artificial turfs.

The advent of window glasses, particularly those made with low-e glass, has largely contributed to the problem. When the sun’s heat gets contact with the glass windows, the heat is simply bounced off, and the reflecting heat is directed to the nearby spaces. This heat can easily cause artificial grass carpet to melt.

Installing window films provide a solution to this widespread turf problem. The right window film can significantly reduce the damaging heat reflection from the glass windows. It is easy to install and provides an efficient heat filter while still allowing clear visibility on your windows.

Now, you can have the benefits of an eye-catching landscape and hassle-free artificial grass maintenance that lasts for years. In installing the clear perforated window film, artificial turf melting is no longer a problem.

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