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Adverse Effect of Low-E Windows on Artificial Grass

For more than a decade, newly built homes have Low-E windows. Their purpose is to help homeowners reduce energy consumption. The coating used by these windows reflects the sun’s rays away from your home. This way, you don’t need to turn up the air conditioner or the heater to stabilize the room temperature. However, this purpose affects your artificial grass.

How Do Low-E Windows Affect Your Lawn?

Many people have decided to replace their natural grass field with artificial turf for several reasons. For one, it’s more durable than real grass. It is resistant to heavy foot traffic and has a longer life expectancy. Furthermore, it doesn’t need too much attention and maintenance. You only need to clean and brush the grass blades to keep its beauty.

However, the artificial grass is susceptible to burning due to the sun’s rays reflecting off your windows. As mentioned earlier, Low-E glass windows reflect the light away from your home. They do this by concentrating and directing heat onto your synthetic lawn. Consequently, the temperature rises, causing the blades to burn.

Unfortunately, reflected heat does not only harm your artificial grass. It could also distort your vinyl siding, making your home unattractive.

Can You Prevent the Sun’s Reflection From Burning Your Lawn?

We cannot stop the sun and the temperature from rising. However, we can avoid their adverse effects. But first, you need to know where the heat comes from. Go to your yard and look at your artificial lawn. Look down and find the afflicted area.

Once you’ve located the damaged spot, stand on it and check the angle of the synthetic grass. If the burnt area is right in front of your window, it could be the Low-E glazing’s fault. This means that the turf is absorbing all the heat, causing it to burn.

Another way to identify the main culprit is your shadow. Stand on the burnt spot and look at your silhouette. If it shows a light color, then your windows are causing the damage.

How to Protect Your Lawn From the Sun’s Harmful Effects?

There are several ways to prevent your fake grass from burning. Unfortunately, most solutions also have adverse effects. But there’s only one method that doesn’t compromise the things you need, and this is Turf Guard Window Film. It allows the natural light to come in and out of your house, yet it prevents the turf from burning.

To get these benefits for your artificial grass, then you should buy our Turf Guard Window Film products.

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