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Affordable Ways to Stop the Sun Reflection From Burning the Grass

The sun reflection burning the grass is one of the main issues faced by many homeowners. This dilemma happens when the sun strikes the coating of Low-E windows. The layer separates the heat from the cold temperature to make the room comfortable regardless of the weather outside. However, because the heat has nowhere else to go, it creates a concentrated light and transmits it on your lawn. As a result, the glare from windows burns the grass.

Fortunately, there are several ways to stop the sun reflection from burning the grass. These solutions will reduce the effects of window reflections, but they will not eradicate the cause.

Plant Trees on Your Property

One of the affordable ways to halt the window reflection from burning the grass is by growing trees in your yard. These plants do not only add beauty to your garden. They also serve as a cover to your turf to protect it from the harsh effects of reflected heat. Moreover, trees help reduce the hot temperature as they produce air.

However, you need to plan where you want to grow the seeds strategically. Make sure you plant them where the sun reflection hits the most. Otherwise, you will not be able to protect your lawn from wilting.

Use a Canopy to Cover the Field

Another way to stop the sun reflection from burning the grass is to use a canopy or any shade that will cover the lawn. These pieces of fabric block the sunlight from hitting the glass window, as well as the turf surface. Moreover, they cool down the temperature; therefore, reducing the need for turning up the AC.

However, if you choose this strategy to stop the glass reflection from burning the grass, it could dim the light that enters your house. That is because it also blocks the natural light from entering your home.

Apply Perforated Window Film

If you are opting for an easy and useful solution to stop the window glare from burning the grass, then window perf is the best choice. It only takes minutes to install the film. Moreover, it has anti-reflective properties that reduce glare through refraction.

Nonetheless, the best thing about this solution is the even distribution of heat. With this solution, you will no longer see any patchiness and burnt spots on your lawn. Hence, you will be able to prevent the glare from the window from burning the grass.

All these features and more are available at Turf Guard Window Film. Check out our website and find out how our products can stop the sun reflection from burning the grass.

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