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Are My New Windows Damaging the Neighbors’ Property?

Vinyl siding is what you call the exterior coating of a house that is made from plastic materials. It is mainly applied for weatherproofing and aesthetic purposes. When the temperature is normal, the sunlight that is reflected by the window glass can possibly produce a lot of concentrated light beams

However, keep in mind that window siding melting can occur when these beams of light become so hot that the materials that are hit by them burn or melt. So yes, your new window treatments can melt your neighbors’ house.

How long does vinyl siding last? You will be happy with the answer because it can last for a long period time. In fact, it can serve your house and family up to 50-60 years even without any maintenance.

Why Does Vinyl Siding Melt?

In general, the windows that create a reflection have low emissivity, which is considered energy-efficient. If you want to save energy, low-e windows with special covering are the ideal choice. On the other hand, there are low-quality windows that are made from concave shaped glass. This feature functions much like a magnifying glass. And what does a magnifying glass do when you play with it in the sun? It burns. So, this type of window glass can cause window siding melting.

This scenario of melting vinyl is most likely to happen in subdivisions with newly constructed homes where houses are usually constructed next to one another. Aside from direct sunlight, the reflection from several sources including windows and sidings can produce radiant heat.

As per the latest manufacturing standards, the melting point of vinyl occurs at 160 to 165 degrees. There are factors that contribute to vinyl distortion such as the angle of the sun, the speed of the wind, the weather condition, the air temperature, and your proximity to the house of your neighbor.

How to Fix the Problem

There are many ways to prevent window siding melting. You may change the siding with something that is heat resistant. But this solution will just give you mismatched window siding, especially if you only replace the affected window.

You can also put a buffer such as trees and garden dividers between your home and the neighbor’s house to avoid window siding melting. This can block any reflections that come from your windows.

One effective solution to stop the siding from melting is to install a protective film or screen to your windows. Considering the long vinyl siding lifespan, it is the most suitable option for you, not to mention the most affordable one.

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