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Are There Still Solutions for Damaged Turf?

The greatest benefit of having artificial turf in your lawn is its longevity. Unlike real grass, synthetic turf can last for many years. It doesn’t need too much maintenance and watering. It will take a long time before the artificial grass can be damaged and will require you to repair it. But if it does, that’s the time that you should know about the solutions for damaged turf.

How to fix your damaged turf?

It is an easy process to fix the damaged parts of your artificial turf. All you have to do is to replace the damaged patches of grass and that’s it! Fixing lawn problems, however, is not as fast as it sounds. It is actually a tedious process that you have to do carefully. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time, money, and effort.

Some homeowners prefer to do it by themselves, but it is much preferable to hire the professionals in order to achieve the best appearance that you are looking for. On the other hand, if you decide to do it by yourself, here are the solutions for damaged turf:

1. Replace the Damaged Part

There are different kinds of damages being inflicted to your synthetic turf. One of the most common turf problems is the melting of grass.Other damages in the turf could be from pets or lack of maintenance. So, if any damage happened to your turf, one of the most common solutions for damaged turf is to replace the specific section with the new ones.

The size of the damaged sections should be taken into consideration as well. If it is significantly small, you can just take some of the excess patches from the installation as a replacement for the damaged section. If you think that it is too large for you to fix, that’s the time to call for professionals that are skillful and knowledgeable about lawn problems and solutions.

2. Ripped and Loose Sections

Loose and ripped sections in the turf are some of the uncommon problems that are encountered by the turf owners. The damage can occur when sharp tools or objects pierces through the seams of the turf.

The solutions for damaged turf in terms of this problem require minimal effort. Other than calling the professionals to do the repairs for this problem, you can do a DIY job by putting some adhesive to the seams of the loose or ripped section. Then, you can proceed by fixing it to the ground.

3. Fixing the Burnt Grass

How to fix burnt grass? This is the most common question being asked by turf owners who suffered from melting turf. It is usually caused by direct application of heat such as the contact to burning charcoals or cigarettes. The other reason is the heat coming from the reflection of sunlight in the glass windows and doors. So, one of the solutions to damaged turf in terms of burnt grasses is to obstruct the reflection of sunlight by putting window films to your glass windows.


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